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Learn Spanish While Simply Observing Other Native Speakers

It is not just your TV or movie actors that can teach you how to speak Spanish. On your next vacation to Spain, you will see yourself picking up more Spanish vocabularies simply by observing, or should we bluntly say eavesdropping other people in downtown Madrid or through your tours in Castile, Seville, or Barcelona.

This is not an easy learning pace, though. If you have not begun your journey in learning the Spanish language, this learning style is not for you. If you have, though, this is an observation process on how to apply your conversational Spanish when you order coffee from a barista, talk to a waiter at a local restaurant in Madrid, or order a drink from a Spanish bartender in Granada or Barcelona.

Here is a good tip in learning Spanish while you’re in public Madrid. Sit silently in a heavily-packed bar or a street corner bistro where everyone talks jovially and start listening to their conversation. If you are not confident enough to pick up every word they say, select a portion of their conversation, write it down, and look up on your Spanish dictionary on what they were talking about. Act normal or stay like a tourist sipping your caramel macchiato while you are writing down or typing on your phone. Never get too obvious or they’ll feel uncomfortable about your eavesdropping and leave their table instead.

Take note, this is not for beginners. It is always best to start with the basics before engaging with this learning style. Once you get the hang on how the Spanish you’ve learned are used in public, you can now order your vino blanco like a native or point to the waiter the comida you like.