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This will be the perfect spot for you to find your perfect Spanish movies or TV series that can help you learn the Hispanic languages, especially Spanish, and their cultures portrayed in the movies.

 Telenovelas have been known to be the best way to start learning the Hispanic culture.

With it, the world knows more how the Spanish-influenced cultures continue to flourish and how this influence affected the local and international society as we know today.


This is the TV Asturias effect – learning and loving the Spanish culture like you’ve never had before.

That is worth trying for someone like you who is either trying to meet the Spanish language culture for the first time or is seeking informative websites about Spanish telenovelas that can help you flourish the Hispanic in you.

If you are into learning the Spanish language, this is also the best website to begin your journey.

B2 language learners (conversational) may find themselves using the language more often through listening and mimicking the lines in famous Spanish telenovelas and find themselves advancing their level in Spanish comprehension.

TV Asturias aims to bring you reviews and ratings on selected Spanish movies and telenovelas across all major streaming platforms, even including trailer reviews on upcoming Spanish and Spanish-inspired movies you can find online.

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