One of the greatest streaming platforms in the world, Amazon Prime Video offers interesting Spanish telenovelas with really interesting stories and portrayals of Spanish and Hispanic/Latin American culture. When you have started cooking and turn on the TV, these telenovelas are a great hit especially to the Hispanic viewers, but these are also great shows for Spanish language learners to watch because of English subtitles.

Here are Top 5 of the best telenovelas and TV shows you can watch on Amazon Prime Video:

Vis a Vis (Locked Up)

This TV series is a major hit in Spain. The story tells about a woman locked up in prison for seven years because of her love for a married man. Her parents are doing everything to get their daughter out of prison.


A historical drama of the life and reign of Queen Isabella I of Castile, this telenovela will surely captivate Spanish history lovers. This comes in three seasons and is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Diablo Guardian

The telenovela tells the story about Violetta, who made her way to New York in search of a good life but found herself in the arms of Nefastofeles when she ran out of money to sustain herself.

Un Extraño Enemigo (An Unknown Enemy)

This TV series brings forth the story of the Tlatelolco Massacre on its 50th anniversary and how Fernando Barrientos tries to win the presidency by repressing the students and achieving total power.

Pequeñas Coincidencias

A comedy telenovela, this Prime Exclusive revolves around the lives of Marta and Javier who resist finding a pair until they realized their age starts going up.

These all came with your Amazon Prime subscription, so learning and appreciating Spanish languages and cultures are no extra stretch to your budget.