Netflix does not just offer you the serious stuff. Learning from and enjoying Spanish and Hispanic video contents can also be hilarious, thanks to these Mexican comedians. Here are a few of them:

Sofía Niño de Rivera

With her comedy specials on Netflix, Expuesta and Seleccion Natural, Sofia is making her mark as a comedian with her self-deprecating humor and snarky wit. She will bring you comedy in the Hispanic world and pick up a word or two to make your Spanish friends laugh out loud.

Carlos Ballarta

This guy’s humor and comedy wits in Furia Ñera and El Amor es de Putos bring cynical views on Mexican everyday life.

Mau Nieto

His comedy will surely tell you who he was and how he became to be. Picking up punch lines about his hometown and his life in Viviendo Sobrio… desde el bar, Mau will surely keep the laugh rolling for Spanish viewers and learners.

Daniel Sosa

His culture-specific humor in Sosafado is bringing in a lot of unhappy reviews but the slang should tell anyone what Mexican comedy is all about, especially to the conventional Spanish language learners.

Manu NNa

His gay life and macho society bring the comedic wits relevant for Manu NNa in Simplemente as he continues to struggle on his gay life and his affinity for telenovelas and marijuana. Go figure if you are learning Mexican slangs.

Alex Fernandez

His Sabadazo TV show brings in a lot of musical impressions with the comedic turns and comments that make everyone laugh out loud if you understand Spanish or Mexican.

Comedy isn’t just for keeping your belly rolling. Learning Spanish on Netflix’s comedy shows can be a fun experience, too.