Starting up writing your Spain itinerary? Here are some travel guides you can grab on before flying off to Spain.

  1. Book your flight on the most favorable season in Spain’s capital, Madrid. October and November are favorable months. With the sunny and warm weather and fewer tourist visits, these months will surely put you on the get-go to visit famous spots in uptown, downtown, and rural Madrid.
  2. Know your transportation routes. When traveling around Spain, the most common mode of transportation are cabs, buses, and trains. You can still take Uber but not that much because of the taxi driver’s protest on Uber’s presence in the capital. However, bus and train rides are especially thrilling when you’re heading towards the rural side of this magnificent city.
  3. Book your accommodations ahead. Many hotel booking apps can provide you leverage in finding the best hotel and inns around so you can get the best out of your tourist experience in Spain.
  4. Get the Spanish currency ahead if you’re not using credit cards. A lot of foreign exchange services are available in Madrid so you can get euros before you start making your travel purchases.
  5. Buy eSims or Get Whatsapp. If you prefer keeping your roaming charges low, buy an eSim. There are available eSims in Madrid that gives 2GB data for your Facebook posts and Instagram snaps. Whatsapp is also good when your accommodation provides Wi-Fi services, which is not so reliable in some accommodations.
  6. Add more cities to your bucket list. Madrid alone is not Spain. There are a lot of cities around Spain that also offers a lesson-filled experience in Spanish language and culture. Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, Seville, and Barcelona are a few train trips or bus rides away
  7. Visit Spain again soon. You’ll never get bored coming back to Spain even if you come here multiple times. There’s just something in Spain that keeps tourists coming in and out of the country, which is for you to find out.