Traveling is seen as one of the best leisurely activities for anyone who opts to take a break from work. Apart from considering traveling as a relaxing option, others have also been greatly compelled to wander to different places due to influence. According to it’s no wonder why tourism has slowly contributed to the economy more than other sources of income. One of the countries that have benefitted from tourism is Spain.

A travel research which was conducted in Spain noted that there has been an increase in the number of tourist arrivals. With its picturesque views and rich culture, it’s no wonder why tourists would want to see this beautiful country.

Status Percentage of International Arrivals

With several countries in Europe to choose from, Spain has always been one of the top choices amongst vacation-goers. According to statistics, a 6% increase in international arrivals has been noted in Spain in 2018. It has been considered as the second greatest year since 2010.

As an aftermath of this good news in the tourism sector, a noticeable growth has been registered in the global economy. With this increasing percentage, more people would take an interest in seeing the country themselves.

UNWTO, a World Tourism Organization, has predicted in 2010 that there will be a 1.4 billion mark of international arrivals for 2020; however, with more affordable plane tickets, improvement in technology, new business models, and better visa facilitation, growth has remarkably increased faster in the latest years.

Overall Ranking

Spain is among the top choices among tourists from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy. With the power of easy access online, other people can easily see the magnificence of Spain as shared by tourists; hence, others would book a flight there to enjoy their summer vacation with their family or friends.

According to Spain’s foreign tourism industry, the aforementioned is now considered as the second largest choice among foreign nationals in the world. In February 2019, Spain holds the number one title amongst other competitors in TourismRank.

Expected Growth Return in Historical Trends

It has been forecasted that an expected growth of about 3-4%, more with historical trends, of international arrival will be noted. Continuous growth in their tourism is celebratory news for the locals since it will most definitely help in boosting their economy.

The stability in the price of the fuel has given airline companies the privilege to sell flights at cheaper rates, thereby driving people to consider Spain and other parts of Europe as their next destination.


People, once stressed, crave for a relaxing time for themselves, which often leads them to travel; otherwise, they simply want to fulfill their curiosity by visiting a place that’s most commonly visited by tourists.

Spain, being one of the top leading tourist destinations across Europe and in the world, sets out as one of the primary options by vacation-goers. With this, Spain has been receiving an increase in international arrivals since 2010.