Interesting Spanish Movie

For movie geeks, there is a lot more to watch and genres to explore from all over the world. Unlike the list of truth or dare questions and graphic quality the Hollywood films can offer, movies from other countries keep their graphics lowkey but their screenplay grand.

Amongst all the other countries, the Spanish film industry has been known to give the legacy of classics and culture-centered movies to the world. More than that, they also have other genres of films to offer such as family, horror, suspense, romance, etc.

To give you a guide, the following are the Top 4 Spanish movies that you should watch:

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

The setting of this movie took place in the early 1940’s Spain. This is about the hunting down of rebels, killings and tragic separation of families. The concept is basically Spain against Nazi advances. This film won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. This one might not be suitable to watch with children around since it has violent content and they might not be able to understand the film’s deeper message such as realism, national issues, and patriotism.

All About My Mother (1999)

This movie has entered a whole new genre–feminism. This movie was dubbed as the women’s truth or dare game because a lot of women–especially mothers–can relate with this Spanish classic. This movie tackles how a woman perceives the world as an individual and as a mother. The film director, on his speech at the Golden Globe Awards, said that this movie was dedicated to all women–mothers, men who became women, mothers to be, and women in general. This film is appealing to soul searchers and for those who are looking for coming-of-age movies.

Amores Perros (2000)

This film got the BAFTA award for being the best foreign-language film. This isn’t a movie that took place in Spain, but it used Spanish all throughout. The setting for this film is an earlier version of Mexico City. In this movie, the darker side of the city was shown. This film gives an emotional roller coaster ride to its viewers.

Biutiful (2010)

This film starred Gael Garcia Bernal–also the lead actor for Amores Perros–in 2010 as his comeback movie. This is about self-love and self-seeking. There is also a love story associated in this one but it’s all for a little spice. This movie encourages its viewers to be surer of themselves instead of seeking the approval of others.

Movie marathons are like playing a truth or dare game. Truth in that the stories it would tell could make you assess yourself more and sometimes it will make you realize things, and Dare in that it would urge you to try new things and create new perspectives.

More than just being a truth or dare game though, movie marathons bring people together. Why not try and explore watching foreign films? It will help you appreciate the beauty of the world’s diversity through the perspective and concepts being applied by international filmmakers.