Audio and Video Devices to Your TV

Smart television sets now come with USB ports, cable jacks as well as Bluetooth and WiFi features that enhance the watching experience it can give to its users. If we listen to what audio experts recommend, On one of your movie nights, have you ever tried looking behind your TV? Have you ever tried entangling the wires? Do you even know how to connect these devices properly?

For some people, they find it much easier to use a wireless connection for their movie nights. That can sure be hassle-free, but there are a lot of audio devices and other complementary gadgets that require cables.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to easily connect devices to your TV.

DVD Player

DVD players, Blu-ray Players and other portable devices that allow you to play Burned CDs and DVDs require connecting cable wires. In this case, you’ll have to familiarize both the HDMI and basic cable jack ports.

First, you’ll have to identify the type of cable the player has and where shall it go. Upon doing that, you may now proceed to the back of your TV and try to look for the required port. It is best to know your TV’s model first before buying complimentary appliances to reduce the risk of incompatibility.

Sound Bar

Audio devices such as soundbars often have leads that will fit your TV’s HDMI and USB ports. In cases of TV models without HDMI ports, you may use the digital audio output. It is a portal for jacks that can easily be recognized through its red, white and yellow portals.

Once the soundbar is being read, go to your TV’s menu and identify which audio or playlist you are going to play. For some TV models, they allow a slideshow or visuals that you may customize depending on your mood while the soundbar is functioning.

Game Console

Game Consoles can be connected wirelessly but in case of Internet malfunction, you may always choose to connect it through an HDMI port. Most game consoles have HDMI portals.

In case of incompatibility, you may always opt to use universal connectors—these are wires that connect your appliance to your television set. Connecting your game consoles to your TV set’s HDMI port is all you need to have all the data, videos and audios you’ll need.

Internet-TV Box

Connecting an internet-TV box is as easy as connecting DVD or Blu-ray players. You’ll need to connect it to your TV’s cable jack portals and install and set it up on the menu. What differs internet-TV Box from other portable boxes is that it requires installation, signal manipulation and connecting of antennas.

As per the installation process and connection of antennas, the technicians on the appliance store where you purchased the box will assist you on it. On the process of using it, just in case the wires get entangled or pulled out, you may easily get it back on track through connecting its wires to its respective ports.