Drug Addiction Stories

There is an unfortunate trend for most famous people getting addicted to drug abuse. Once aspiring artists, athletes, or actors, many fall into the world of drug addiction, especially after fame. According to a report published by payspi.org, some take drugs to cure depression, others as dependent on keeping their game up, while others just for fun. Their celebrity status also put them in the crossfires of drug dens especially the parties and shows they attend. Here are some of the celebrities that went through a phase of drug addiction:


Arguably one of the best, if not the best rappers in the world, Eminem had a troubled early life which led him to drugs. His mother was a drug addict when Eminem was still a young boy.

Eminem says that his addiction to drugs hit a high in the year 2005. He used to do so much heroin that he almost died. One day, he took too much and he ended up in the hospital with an overdose. His organs were too damaged that he had to be put on dialysis. Two hours late to go to the hospital and we would have never got the chance to listen to “Recovery.”

Angelina Jolie

She is among the best and beautiful actors in the world. Jolie was once an addict of hardcore drugs, some of the worst available. She says she can’t believe she survived those dark times of her earlier life.

Speaking to 60 minutes in 2011, Jolie admitted that she did the worst drugs for many reasons that she could not uncover.

Lady Gaga

In November 2016, lady gaga admitted that she was once a pot addict. She was smoking about 15 to 20 rolls of marijuana per day. She started a smoking pot for fun and experimentation but ended up using it for self-medication. Ultimately, she was too hooked to stop without professional help.

Zac Efron

A darling to many girls out there, Zac Efron battled alcoholism in his early twenties. He says life in Hollywood was way too much for him at an early age, single and full of life. He signed up for counseling to fight the struggle and he admits that it changed his life for the better.

Oscar De La Hoya

De La Hoya is a Mexican-American iconic boxer. He is also one of the many celebrities who struggled drug addictions. Oscar came forward about his drug addiction in 2011 after struggling with alcoholism for a long time in secret. He thanks alcoholism for his success to beat the addiction.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato admitted to sneaking cocaine on planes and bathrooms to cater to her dependency to the drug. She was aware of the many ways of passing a drug test. Demi admits that she faked her drug tests using other people’s urine.

Diego Maradona

He is the most famous footballer with known drug addiction. The former Argentine footballer was banned twice for testing positive for cocaine – once in Italy while playing for Napoli and the second time in Spain when he was playing for Sevilla. His problem with cocaine addiction is still a mystery.

Other celebrities have opened up to drug addiction.