Film Streaming Sites in Spain

Online film streaming sites are getting more popular compared to before. The idea of saving enough money in subscribing to a service is highly recommended. As long as you have a fast internet connection and a TV or a PC, you may enjoy unlimited pass for every series and movies.

In Spain, these services or platform is also becoming famous. There are a lot of online streaming sites that can be safe and virus-free. These online streaming sites also provide high-quality movies from high definition up to the ultra-high definition. Signing up is also easy than finding other free download sites that may contain viruses.

There are so many online streaming that is available in Spain. To summarize the best, we made you a list of providers or sites that you can access. Check them out below!


Netflix is the top growing online film streaming since it became mainstream. This site provides an unlimited pass to every available series and movies. From the classic films up to the newest series, subscribers can enjoy everything. Upon signing up, Netflix will also give you the free 1-month trial. If you wish to continue your subscription, you may do so by fully set up your account.

With its application, its service can be enjoyed in tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs. Don’t worry because you can also cancel the subscription anytime you want.


Sky TV is the leading film streaming provider that is available in Spanish. You can also enjoy its service on free for 1-month of trial. They also often give exclusive promos and discounts for their services.

However, in order to enjoy Sky TV, you should first buy its TV box that costs 25€. This service can also be purchased on their website. Take note that their website is also available in Spanish only.

Amazon prime Video

Unlike the other services, Amazon prime video provides a year of service to the subscribers. Their members can enjoy the wide selection of films and series in a year. They also give perks that they called Amazon perks.

Their films and series can also be downloaded. In that way, it can be very convenient especially for the people who love to travel. Amazon Prime Video is also available in an application so you may enjoy it using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Rakuten TV

Formerly called as Wuaki, Rakuten Tv provides films and series that are mostly Spanish. Upon signing up, it will give you a free month of subscription that can also be canceled anytime.

Even its website is in Spanish, the original soundtrack of films and series can still be enjoyed.


With the multi-awarded series, HBO got its own spotlight. In the first month, it gives a free pass to every subscriber. Also, the subscription can also be canceled anytime. Enjoy its series and films on multi-screen that allows you to watch different films at the same time.

Watch your favorite movies and series by checking their services out. Enjoy the comfort of having an unlimited pass to every film that is available. With the wide selection of films and TV series, enjoy the services from these top online film streaming sites!