Gym Culture of the US and Spain

Have you always been curious about the difference between the gym culture of the United States and Spain? Or curious even read about Latest treadmills? If so, then this article is perfect for you!

The Gym Atmosphere in Spain

Salamanca of Northwestern Spain is an impassable and sweaty jungle. It is a daunting locale where only the bravest gym warriors dare to undertake.

The significant characteristic of the male gym enthusiasts from Salamanca of Northwestern Spain is their fondness for Spandex short shorts. The male population likes to show off their shaved legs as a source of pride.

In terms of physical built, males come in different shapes and sizes. It is common for them to be top-heavy which means that they usually have broadly toned muscular arms and shoulders. However, they have disproportionately thin legs.

Very few female residents go to the gym. Most women find it uncomfortable to lift heavy fitness equipment or do “masculine” activities inside a gym.

In some cultures, female fitness is so defamed due to the ideals imposed by the Western feminine beauty which reiterates that women must not be muscular but rather slim.

The Fitness Arena in the United States

Male gym-goers in the coastal region of New Jersey are stronger and larger build. They display skillful abilities to use intricate tools and show an excessive fascination with removing sleeves from their T-shirts. They often follow a diet of Gatorade and whey protein.

Female fitness carries a lesser stigma in the United States than in Spain, thus both sexes are fairly equally represented in gyms. They may still be among the minority, but at least they feel free and empowered to live a healthy lifestyle by going to certain gym centers.

The Problem with Vigorexia

A research study in 2003 talked about “vigorexia”, likewise known as exercise addiction. An individual suffering from it lives to attain their ideal body. He or she will abandon other activities just to spend hours working out with fitness equipment at the gym. One would often compare his or her physique to others, and he or she tends to show an excessive desire to be skinny and fit.

The main goal of seeking fitness is no longer to stay healthy but rather to look or feel sexy. This activity is indeed unhealthy and dangerous. If you or anyone you know may be suffering from this, it’s advised to consult a licensed physician to help as early as possible.

Final Thoughts

The gym culture in the United States and Spain mainly differs in the gender population. The American fitness world is very open to both females and males, unlike in Spain.

As a result, female participation in athletics must be highly encouraged in Spain and in other parts of the world. It is a way for ladies to be hyper-vigilant of their bodies for the right reasons, and that is to become fit and healthy. The best way for them to maintain this is to participate in team sports.