Bird Movies

If there’s a thing bird lovers would want to see, it is to see birds on wide screens. According to, there are awesome movies highlighting your feathered fluffy friends. Whether you are a backyard bird watcher or an active birder, our fave bird movies and documentaries will surely entertain you.

  1. Fly Away Home

This is a great film to enjoy with the family. This movie features a kid who lost her mom and has to live with his father. Their relationship didn’t turn out well until they adopt an orphaned Canadian goose. The creation of this film involves a lot of Science that also lead to the filming of “Winged Migration” – a famous bird documentary.

  1. Happy Feet

You are not a super fan of birds if you haven’t watched Happy Feet. This movie was released worldwide in 2006. This includes the life of Penguins and you’ve probably entertained by Robie Williams singing talent as Adelie Penguin.

  1. The March of Penguins

The March of Penguins is another fascinating documentary about penguins narrated by Morgan Freeman. This documentary allows you to have a glimpse of Emperor penguins lives and how they survive on worst conditions on their own. It documents their journey of coming back in forth to the ocean and their breeding grounds.

  1. Paulie

This is a cute film of a Blue Crowned Conure and his owner, little Mary. This is about Paulie, birds’ name, fun adventure until he finally found his way to Mary. In the movie, a former teacher and a janitor in an animal lab find out that Paulie a fluent English speaker. He befriends Paulie and listen to his stories about his amazing life with his little master who has stutter problems.

  1. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

If you are an active birder or loves to have a bird as pets, you will enjoy this documentary. This show showcases how the relationship between people and birds develop. It also highlights the bond between an unemployed musician and his wild parrots. The documentary seems boring at first but gets interesting halfway of the film.

  1. Birders: The Central Park Effect

For non-birder, they assume that active birders have a boring, nerdy, and weird personality. But as you watch this documentary, you will realize their love for birds.

Filmed in Central Part, New York, this documentary features the people who only visit the park for bird watching. This highlight how most people in central park are obsessed with birds that they even bring their bird watching equipment with them. It truly does an excellent job of making non-birders understand why a lot of people love birding.


There are a lot of reasons why people love birdwatching. One of these is that they are entertaining. If for the meantime you can’t be with nature see your feathered friends, you can, however, watch them virtually. The experience may not be the same as seeing them personally but they are equally entertaining seeing them on TV.